About Us

Welcome to Prime Catering Experts Ltd, the only company with direct on board delivery opportunity in all Ukrainian airports. Our main goal is to provide VIP catering for you according to premium business aviation standards. We cooperate with numerous leading restaurants and catering entities, so we are ready to assist with any type of catering for any budget. You are welcome to order kosher, halal, vegetarian or any other special types of food as well as dishes from our national Ukrainian, European, Japanese, Chinese, Arab and other world cuisines according to various tastes of your clients.
We strongly believe that high class catering is one of the major success factors which guarantees customer satisfaction, so be sure that we make your clients feel at home during the flight.

Our main benefits are:

  • Single point contact center for any type of catering in all Ukrainian airports;
  • Individual approach to all your requests;
  • 24/7 service;
  • Direct on board delivery;
  • We meet any budget of your orders;
  • All kinds of associated services: dish washing, food storage, dry cleaning, flowers and press arrangement.

Prime Catering Experts

Single point contact center for your requests in all Ukrainian airports

We meet any budget of your orders

Direct catering on board delivery

24/7 services 365 days a year

Ordering catering:
+38 (0482) 37 14 98